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Top Industries Using Call Answering Services

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Virtually any type of business will benefit from the opportunity to always be in touch with customers by using a call answering service. Some industries, in particular, find the services vital to their success. Here are the top industries that use call answering services and an explanation of how each depends on companies that make sure they never miss a call.

How Answering Services Can Help Your Business Within…

Medical Industry

For the medical industry, missing a call may be a life or death matter. Medical professionals use call answering services that are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to handle a variety of important communication tasks depending on the area they practice in:

Medical Practices

  • Appointment scheduling and calls to patients reminding them of upcoming appointments
  • Calls to cancel appointments
  • Patient calls asking to speak with doctors
  • Calls from doctors, hospitals and nursing homes
  • Calls from patients or pharmacies regarding prescriptions or lab work
  • Doctor to doctor consultations
  • Calls regarding patients who are deceased
  • Emergency calls after office hours

Nursing Services and Home Healthcare

  • Calls for Individuals
  • Employment inquiries
  • Report-offs from employees
  • Requests for service and referrals from doctors, hospitals, nursing homes or anyone in need of service
  • Inquiries from prospective clients for prices and rates
  • Emergency calls from employees or clients while on assignment
  • Calls from employees regarding their paychecks

Home IV Infusions

  • Service inquiries from patients or their families
  • Calls from medical facilities
  • Calls from patients with equipment problems or medical issues


  • Inquiry calls from potential clients
  • Calls from employees or physicians
  • Employee report-offs
  • Call from facilities referring services


  • Calls from physicians to place prescriptions
  • Requests for refills
  • Calls from medical facilities or from individuals seeking information regarding medications

Medical Equipment

  • General calls inquiring about equipment
  • Emergency calls for equipment
  • Billing inquiries

HVAC and Plumbing Industries

The HVAC and plumbing industries depend on having access to customer calls 24/7, 365 days a year. Here’s how a call answering service can help:

  • Capture all emergency calls
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Inquiries for service
  • Employee report-offs

Property Management and Real Estate Industries

Missing calls is not an option for those who want to succeed in the property management and real estate industries. Call answering services provide assistance with:

  • Calls for Individuals
  • Cancellations of appointments
  • Inquiries about properties that are for sale or rent
  • Calls to view a property again, to put down money or to make an offer on properties that are for sale
  • Calls requesting directions to properties
  • Employee report-offs
  • Calls with offers on rental properties
  • Tenant service calls and complaints
  • After hour emergency calls from tenants
  • Lockouts

Legal Industry

Both attorneys and court reporters benefit from call answering services:


  • After-hours calls for services - existing clients as well as potential clients
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Receptionist service 24/7
  • Court calls
  • Daytime overflow support
  • Call screening to qualify prospective clients

Court Reporters

  • Requests for depositions or transcripts
  • Calls regarding court dates
  • Calls from court videographers
  • Calls from lawyers, courts and judges

Funeral Directors

It is essential that all calls are handled with the highest level of respect, compassion, and urgency in the funeral industry. Call services can help with:

  • Death Calls
  • Calls regarding obituaries
  • Miscellaneous calls regarding copies of death certificates, insurance papers, payment of bills, and advance arrangements
  • Contact information for flowers and cemetery services
  • Call asking for directions
  • Contacting grief counselors on behalf of the families
  • Calls regarding products and services

Contractors and Construction Industry

When contractors and others who work in construction miss a call, they likely miss getting business or risk losing what they have. Here’s how call answering services help make certain that doesn’t happen by handling:

  • Sales calls
  • Requests for emergency service
  • Calls from insurance companies
  • Calls from other contractors

Government Agencies

Many of the calls that government agencies receive can’t wait to be handled. This is why call answering services support governments by facilitating contact regarding:

  • Utilities (water, electric, etc.)
  • Traffic signals and road signs
  • IT and related infrastructure
  • Road infrastructure (snow plowing, etc.)
  • Building management/courthouses
  • Board of Health inquiries or complaints

Insurance Industry

Customers contact insurance companies on a regular basis. To handle the call volume, call answering services assist them with:

  • Calls for Individuals
  • General Inquiries or quote requests
  • Calls regarding claims
  • Auto insurance calls regarding the transfer of cars or getting a new car or adding cars
  • Employee report offs
  • Policy modifications

Disaster Restoration Industry

The urgency of calls related to disaster restoration services is clear, which is why companies in this industry depend on call answering services 24/7 to address:

  • Requests for emergency board-ups
  • Calls from insurance companies with referrals
  • Calls regarding water extraction
  • Calls regarding mold remediation
  • Calls regarding smoke damage

Transportation Industry

Constant contact between customers and transportation businesses is the norm. Here’s what call answering services do for them:

  • Assist callers seeking travel and transportation-related information
  • Pick-up locations, times and drop off times
  • Schedules and rate information
  • Limo and taxi service

Non-Profit and Charities

Over the course of any year, non-profits and charities experience high call numbers multiple times. To make sure that none are lost, they often work with call answering services for help with:

  • Calls offering donations
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Help on applications for volunteers
  • Calls requesting information about events
  • Registrations for events


Most of the calls that locksmiths receive are urgent so their call answering services address:

  • Lockouts: car, office or home
  • Lock or key replacement
  • New client information
  • Billing inquiries

Oil and Gas Industry

Urgent contact from customers is routine in the oil and gas industry, which often relies on call answering services to field:

  • 24/7 service inquiries
  • Emergency calls
  • Rental requests

Professional and Commercial Services

No matter what business you’re in, a call answering service can facilitate:

  • Customer service calls
  • Sales calls
  • Prospective client inquiries
  • Calls for Individuals
  • Billing questions
  • Calls for parts
  • After-hours emergency service

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