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Plan a Telephone Answering Solution in 2018, Going into 2019

As the new year is quickly approaching, now is a good time to refine your strategy for providing the best service to customers who call your company. With many companies turning to professional telephone answering services, there are numerous technologies that can seamlessly integrate these services with your sales and customer relationship management (CRM) systems in real time.

An important tool to accomplish this is the Application Programming Interface (API). APIs allow for the creation of web-based forms that your telephone answering services company can use to communicate with your systems in real time. Using the API system, their agents can see the parts of your company’s systems that you would like them to see and communicate with, without their having access to the administrative portions of your software and systems. It essentially removes the need to train non-employees on your systems and protects the integrity of your systems and data – as well as that of your customers.

Compare Telephone Answering Solutions

Many companies that provide business software solutions also provide APIs – either in cloud or software form. Following are several vendors to consider:

  • 3Scale - 3scale provides an Out-of-the-Box Cloud API Management Platform & Infrastructure for companies to securely open, control, manage, operate, and monetize their API to 3rd parties (i.e., developers, business partners, etc.).
  • APIphany - APIphany is a reliable API management platform from which the company can manage any API hosted anywhere on the Internet, regardless of implementation technology.
  • Bridge Software - Bridge is a leader in SaaS partner-driven custom API integration services solely dedicated to solving the SaaS integration needs of small businesses.
  • Emergent One - Emergent One is an API platform that allows you to quickly generate and launch a new API from MySQL or Postgres databases connection.
  • Mashery - Mashery’s API management tools and strategic services help companies connect with customers and partners by extending reach across devices, markets, and the web.
  • Nevatech Sentinet - Nevatech Sentinet is a flexible, lightweight, and scalable API management platform that promotes integration through the use of SOA standards. It has the ability to connect, mediate, and manage interactions between services in the cloud or across the business.
  • Tray - Tray’s platform provides organizations with the ability to sync all data, connect deeply into apps, and integrate into any app using its Universal Connector.
  • SAP Cloud Platform - SAP provides the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, which simplifies integration by connecting people, processes, data, and devices everywhere by allowing people with different skills to leverage a wide variety of integration approaches, intuitive tools, and prepackaged content to achieve results faster and gain business agility via an enterprise-grade cloud integration platform.
  • WebServius - WebServius is a self-service tool that allows the user to for deploy, manage, and monetize datasets using an API. WebServius users can integrate and store data and enable access to the data.
  • Alcatel-Lucent - The Alcatel-Lucent Open API Platform (OAP) is an API Monetization and Optimization software solution for service providers. It enables service providers to convert their data and telecommunication infrastructure into a commercial transaction platform.

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Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service (PTAS) provides live telephone operator and answering services that replace the need for voicemail and increase customer satisfaction. With PTAS on your team, you have professional agents at your constant disposal, acting as your very important virtual personal assistant. At PTAS, we help independent business owners and mobile professionals with small and large businesses with their daily tasks. Missing customer calls can lead to lost revenue from upset customers or for a healthcare professional, it can mean a medical emergency left in the balance. We are able to provide custom solutions that meet the demands of multiple industries.

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