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Efficient Telecommunications with Answering Services

Efficient Telecommunications with Answering Services

Many businesses in virtually every industry have found that having a professional answering service supports their telecommunications program in numerous ways, ensuring the success of their companies.

  • Proper Customer Service – Your customers want to be able to communicate with your company 24/7, 365 days a year when it is convenient for them. If they can’t reach you, you may be missing important opportunities to resolve issues that are important to them. Missed calls also often mean missed new business opportunities. The right answering service will make sure that your business is always available to your customers and maximizes the sales potential of each call.
  • Manage Call Volumes – Are your customers often left on hold? Or worse, do they have to leave voicemail messages for your staff? Put yourself in their shoes and you can feel their frustration at not being able to access your staff and have their needs met by your business. The right answering service will make certain that doesn’t happen. Their professionally trained staff will handle your overflow calls the same way that your staff would, so your customers never feel that their business is not important to your company.
  • Handling After hours and Emergency Calls – When your business is closed for the day, are your customers still trying to contact you? Do your customers ever need to contact your business due to an emergency they are experiencing? The right answering service company expertly answers these calls with the same care that your staff employs and evaluates calls for emergency status. Call center staff can be fully trained in your protocols so they know when, how, and who to provide messages to and who to contact in the event of a customer emergency or other business emergency.
  • Additional Security – Having an answering service provides another layer of security to your business. If something occurs at your company, either during or after hours, and the caller is trying to reach you and/or your staff, there is always support for that contact if you are not available.
  • Seamless Operations – Your company’s professional image receives an automatic boost when you have the right answering service supporting your telecommunications program. All of your customers’ needs are covered by both your staff and the trained professionals of the answering service in one seamless operation that never misses a call.

Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service is Right for Your Business

Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service provides live telephone operator services that replace the need for voicemail for any business. With us, you have a team of professionals at your constant disposal, acting as your very important virtual personal assistant. We also specialize in assisting businesses or mobile professionals with small and large businesses. Our professionals know that missed calls can result in lost revenue, dissatisfied clients, or a medical emergency left in the balance.  We make sure you are covered with a wide array of services customized to meet the demands of your specific business, no matter the industry.

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