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Service Spotlight: Disaster Disruption

Pittsburgh Disaster Disruption Services

Natural disasters happen. Depending on the area of the country you live in, you could be at risk for storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or other natural disasters that could significantly disrupt your business. To keep your business running as smoothly as possible in such a situation, and to keep your employees and customers reassured throughout the experience, you should have measures in place to safeguard your business.

An answering service can provide such a safeguard with disaster disruption services.

In times of a disaster, you could experience any number of effects to your business: you could lose electricity, you could lose access to your phone or internet lines, both of which result in a loss of access to your clients for hours or even days. When you have an answering service at your disposal, even if the electricity or phone lines at your building are affected by the storm, your telephone services will still be functional because the answering service lines are off-site. This means that you would still have contact with your clients, and your business won’t miss a single call or inquiry during this situation.

In the aftermath of a disaster, you might experience a continued loss of power, phone, or internet services, leading to lost revenue with every hour that passes. When you have an answering service that provides disaster disruption services for you, this loss of revenue is preventable. An answering service

would have back-up systems in place to provide service from two phone companies in case service from one is lost, as well as service with off-site call centers in case the answering service facility is compromised. An answering service would also provide back-up generator power to get your phone lines up and running, and would have many available ports to handle the multitude of calls you may receive during the time of a disaster.

Covering your business with a safeguard in case of any type of a natural disaster is good business. It reassures your clients, your employees, and prevents a potential loss of revenue that a loss of power or phone lines could lead to. Take a look at more information about Pittsburgh Answering Service’s disaster disruption services on our website, or contact us today to set up the safeguards that will protect your business in times of a natural disaster.