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Industry Spotlight: Property Management Answering Service

Property Management Answering Service

If you are in the property management business, your company probably receives a wide variety of phone calls on a daily basis from potential clients, current tenants, employees in need of assistance, etc. Hiring a property management answering service to help you handle all of these phone calls in a timely manner can greatly increase your productivity and the quality of your customer service.

The property management business is one that demands a high level of professionalism from everyone involved. Clients and potential clients need to feel like they are being helped by the most experienced, trustworthy company they can find, and that includes when they reach you on the phone. A property management answering service can help you achieve that high level of professionalism every time your phone rings.

At Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service (PTAS) we take the time to understand the particulars of your property management business in order to operate as an extension of your own professional staff. We work with you to learn the strategies and skills your own employees use in their daily communications, and train all our highly skilled operators in those strategies as well. The result is that anyone who calls your property management office will feel like they are talking to a live employee in your office, not an off-site operator.

PTAS’s protocol ensures everyone who calls your office will always be helped by a live operator, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which frees up your staff to handle the other important business they have to do during the day, and reassures clients and potential clients that their call is important.

Property management services such as appointment scheduling and cancellations, property inquiries and viewings, questions about directions, offers on properties, and even after-hours emergency calls from tenants can be handled by our skilled operators who are highly trained in the property management field. When you work with Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service for your business’s communications needs, you can rest assured your callers will be in good hands, and every call will be attended to or passed on exactly according to your specifications.

For more information about property management answering services or to start working with PTAS today, visit our website or contact us today. Your property management staff and all of your clients will be glad you did!