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The Answering Service Pricing Model

Answering Service Pricing Model

Businesses of all sizes use professional call answering services as part of their strategy to save money and grow. In fact, industry research has shown that answering services cost companies on average 30% less than hiring an employee to do similar – but likely not all – of the tasks that professional answering services can do.

With call answering service companies, you pay only for the operator time that you use. This model for answering service pricing allows you to scale up your professional operator support as needed and pay for less call support when your business is running slower. Additionally, you don’t have the hassle and costs of benefits, payroll, and other Human Resources functions.

Included in your answering service pricing, you have a dedicated team of professional operators who are trained to answer calls, route calls, and take messages, according to a protocol that you specify. Multi-lingual operators can also help you grow your business.

Your team can be available whenever you choose. They can take your calls 24/7, 365 days a year, afterhours only or take overflow calls when your staff is busy.

Your answering service operators will be using state-of-the-art technology designed for the most efficient and effective communication. Telephony systems and software, backup systems, and monitoring are an integral part of the service you receive. This equipment is supported by the service’s quality assurance programs, procedures, and implementation.

Although your business has the benefit of access to this equipment and best-in-class call management programs, you don’t have to invest in the significant costs that come with all of these assets.

Perhaps best of all, you and your staff can focus on growing your core business rather than taking every call.

Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service is Right for Your Business

Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service provides live telephone operator services that replace the need for voicemail and inefficient answering machines. With us, you have a team of professionals at your constant disposal, acting as your partner while remaining invisible to your callers. We specialize in working with independent business owners or mobile professionals with small and large businesses. Our professional operators know that missed calls can result in lost revenue and dissatisfied clients; with our team on your side, your calls will always be answered.

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