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Service Spotlight: Call Centers

Call Center

Call Center Services

Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service can provide call center services for your business needs. With our unique and specialized call center services we can handle all the customer service and support needs of your business’ callers; leaving you time to focus on the business tasks you do best. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from call center services!

Call center operators can properly screen your calls according to your specific, in-depth instructions. Doing so can narrow down your calls to only the qualified leads you wish to pursue. Depending on your business industry, you’ll have specific questions and scripts you’ll want your phone operators to read. We will work intimately with you to train all call center operators according to your needs, so your calls are handled exactly as you want them to be. Alternatively, we can provide predesigned scripts for the operators and save you time in this process.

Call centers can also handle all your appointment confirmation needs. Operators can assist in scheduling appointments, make outgoing reminder calls, confirm or cancel appointments, and reschedule as necessary to best accommodate your and your clients’ calendars. Professional call center operators will maximize your calendar time, so there is no more worrying about double-booked appointments or empty time slots.

Taking orders is another task call centers can handle. Instead of bogging down you or your employees with these important but time-consuming tasks, call center operators will handle them all for you. They can also handle employment screening. When you receive calls from prospective employees, call center operators will follow your guidelines to capture the necessary information you want from these callers, and provide you with a quick, accurate summary of the callers. This way, you can easily decide who you should call in for an interview, without having to handle all the prospective callers yourself.

A call center is a great tool for businesses in a variety of industries, one that saves business owners time and money. For more information about Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service and its call center services, visit our website or give us a call today.