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Communication is Key: Why Large Companies Miss the Mark at Customer Service

Communication is Key

Did you know that over 60% of consumers prefer speaking to a live agent rather than an automated system? Large companies often struggle with customer satisfaction because with such a large client-base, it’s nearly impossible to provide quality customer service and brand communication. Small and medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, don’t experience the same demands and therefore can differentiate themselves by allowing customers to seek answers to their questions and information about their accounts in real-time instead of waiting for an email response back from an agent.

Large Companies versus SMBs

It can be difficult for a large company to connect directly to each of their customers and maintain the same entrepreneurial spirit they started with once they operate at a large scale. This gives SMBs quite a competitive edge over larger companies. However, this can become tricky as customers have that expectation and often choose a business that operates on a smaller scale because they want closer contact and better customer satisfaction. This also poses a challenge to medium-sized companies who experience several demands but rely on positive public relations to retain their client base. Thus, having a call answering service where you can be reached should be the goal of every company that strives to connect with their customer base.

With an answering service, you won’t ever have to miss a call because you were busy helping a customer in-store, managing employees or completing any of the other hundreds of tasks SMB owners are confronted with. Spend time focusing on critically important tasks that you are constantly faced with and leave the call answering to a call answering service.

Properly equipped call answering services can make things as personalized as any SMB may need; from personalized scripts to custom messaging, call answering services can be made to fit the precise needs of any company. By outsourcing customer calls to a call answering service who is properly equipped, businesses can easily save time by not having to manage calls or train employees with proper call answering protocol. Having a dedicated team taking care of calls will provide customers with the individualized attention they crave and seek and will ultimately strengthen customer satisfaction and brand communication.

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