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3 Benefits of Using an Answering Service

3 Benefits of Using an Answering Service

A major part of any business is answering and responding to telephone calls, whether those are from clients, employees, or prospective customers. Everyone who calls your business wants to feel like their call is important, but you may not have the time or the manpower to respond to every call you receive. This is where an answering service comes in. There are many benefits to using an answering service for your business, no matter what industry you’re in, so here are three important ones for all business owners and managers to consider.

  1. 24/7 Answering Capabilities

    Your business is only staffed during your specific business hours, but you may still receive calls at all times of the day, night, or weekend, regardless of those hours. While some of those calls may not be urgent, some may be potential new customers and some may be current customers with important questions or concerns. You may also work with clients in different time zones so their calls might come in outside your regular hours sometimes. Missing those calls could end up costing you a new or satisfied customer, which could ultimately cost you money.

    With an answering service, none of those calls would be missed because you would be provided with a 24/7 live receptionist service. That means that every phone call you receive is answered, at any time of day or night, by an attentive and well trained phone operator. These operators can handle any of the routine calls your business receives, as well as emergency situations, if necessary. Each operator is uniquely trained in the industry they work with, guaranteeing the satisfaction of you and your customers.

  2. Customizable Message Delivery

    As the head of your business, you are guaranteed to receive more calls than you can possibly respond to. Some will be easily handled by a receptionist or other staff member, but some matters will still need your attention. With an answering service, highly-trained receptionists will work with you to customize which calls should be handled by you, and which calls shouldn’t. You can arrange for receptionists to transfer urgent calls directly to your land or cell phone line.

    You can also customize exactly how and when you would like your messages delivered to you, whether that’s by voicemail, text message, email, or another option. Perhaps you want your messages delivered to you instantaneously, or perhaps you want only one daily update; whatever your preference, an answering service can provide that customization for you.

  3. Immediate Response
    Another great feature of an answering service is that every call gets responded to immediately. Clients and potential clients don’t have to wait on hold or call back multiple times in order to talk to someone in your office. Instead, a live receptionist will respond to every call within a few rings. This kind of immediate, attentive service lets your callers know that you care about them and their time, and is going to lead to satisfied clients, new customers, and increased revenue.

If you’re still undecided about using an answering service for your business, visit our website today to learn about all the benefits this service from Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service could offer you and your business. We’d be happy to discuss the many options available to you.