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Answering Service for Utility and Energy Sector

utility answering service

We are the preferred answering service for public and private utilities in Pittsburgh because we take the time to understand your business.

24/7 Live Answering Service For Utility and Energy Providers

Attention utility and energy providers, both public and private: Are you looking for a reliable Pittsburgh answering service to ensure your customers receive top-notch assistance and support? Look no further than Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service, where we bring decades of experience combined with the latest technology.

We proudly answer calls for a number of energy and utility service providers, including:

  • Electricity Providers
  • Heating Oil Suppliers
  • Propane Gas Suppliers
  • Energy Providers
  • Water and Sewage Municipals

Our highly trained operators are experienced in answering all types of calls that come into your utility or energy service, and we know that every call is important to you. We can schedule appointments, address inquiries for service, or route calls to the appropriate department, such as billing or repairs.

As a utility or energy provider, you understand that emergencies can happen at any time. When your customers experience emergencies like power outages, gas leaks, or water main breaks, they need assistance immediately. With our 24/7 answering service, you can ensure that every call is answered promptly and professionally.

Whether you need assistance with answering phones after hours, when your employees are on a break, or 24/7, our flexible service can accommodate any schedule and any call volume. 

With our phone message delivery service, you can customize exactly how and when you would like your messages delivered to you, whether that’s by voicemail, text message, email, or another option. Perhaps you want your messages delivered to you hourly, or maybe you want only one daily update at the end of the day. Whatever your preference, we provide that customization for you.

When A Disaster Strikes, Our Emergency Answering Service Can Help

During the aftermath of a disaster like a flood or fire, the impact on the energy and utility sector can be devastating. Every hour lost means an inconvenience or a possible safety concern for your customers, and the longer your business remains offline, the greater the influx of inbound calls. That's where we come in. Our answering service ensures that your service remains accessible, even during these challenging times. By providing round-the-clock support, we help you maintain daily operations and stay "open" for business, regardless of the circumstances.

Our expertise in handling disaster disruptions is unmatched. Whether it's coordinating response efforts, providing outage updates, or assisting customers with safety concerns, our dedicated team is here to help your customers navigate through these emergency situations with ease and confidence. By managing the surge in calls, we help prioritize safety, maintain customer satisfaction, and navigate through the challenges of recovery more efficiently.

The Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service Difference For The Utility and Energy Sector

We have 24/7 answering capabilities provided by a live receptionist trained in energy and utility call management.

  • None of your calls will be missed because you will have a 24/7 live receptionist. That means that every phone call you receive is answered, at any time of day or night, by an attentive and well-trained phone operator. These operators can handle any of the routine calls your office receives, as well as emergency situations, if necessary.
  • You have customizable message delivery in various formats. You can also customize exactly how and when you would like your messages delivered to you, whether that’s by voicemail, text message, email, or another option. Perhaps you want your messages delivered to you instantaneously, or maybe you want only one daily update. Whatever your preference, we provide that customization for you.
  • You can count on a prompt response to every phone call: Clients and potential clients don’t have to wait on hold or call back multiple times to talk to someone in your office. Instead, a live receptionist will respond to every call within a few rings. Attentive service lets your callers know that you care about them and their time. This will lead to satisfied clients, new customers, and increased revenue.
  • Our operators are US-based: While many answering services are offshore, Pittsburgh Answering Service is based locally. Our US answering agents are familiar with the local culture, etiquette, and preferences. We have decades of experience answering calls for our Pittsburgh oil and energy clients, and we are committed to continue offering the highest level of customer service. 
  • Our operators are fluent in English and Spanish: As our communities become more diverse, a bilingual answering service becomes a valuable asset for the energy and utilities sector: our trained live answering agents can answer calls in English or Spanish, whatever language your callers prefer. 
  • Cost savings: with plans starting at just $29/month, the cost of hiring our Pittsburgh answering service is a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time receptionist. And because we have a team of answering agents, you will have 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year including holidays.

Don't let downtime compromise your ability to serve your customers. Whether you're facing emergencies, high call volumes, or simply aiming to improve customer satisfaction, we've got the energy and utility sector covered. Allow our professional answering service to handle your inbound calls, and never worry about a missed call again!