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Answering Service for Insurance Agencies

insurance answering service

We are the preferred answering service for insurance agencies in Pittsburgh because we take the time to understand your business.

24/7 Live Answering Service For Insurance Agencies

As an insurance agency, you understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service to your clients. However, managing a high volume of calls while juggling other tasks can be challenging. With clients calling in all day long, it's tough to keep up sometimes. 

Our answering service is tailored just for insurance agencies like yours. We bring decades of experience and professional operator training, combined with the latest technology. With us on your team, you can focus on what you do best – helping your clients – while we take care of the rest. And with our 24/7 availability, your clients will always get the assistance they need, no matter the time.

We proudly answer calls for insurance agencies of all sizes with areas of specialty, including:

  • Health Insurance Agencies
  • Auto Insurance Agencies
  • Homeowners Insurance Agencies
  • Life Insurance Agencies
  • Business Insurance Agencies
  • Property Insurance Agencies
  • Renters Insurance Agencies
  • Travel Insurance Agencies
  • Specialty Insurance Agencies offering specialty policies such as pet insurance or event insurance
  • Independent Insurance Agencies representing multiple carriers

Our specialized answering service for insurance agencies is designed to handle calls with professionalism, efficiency, and care, making sure that every client inquiry is addressed promptly. Whether it's scheduling appointments, processing claims, or providing lead intake for new policy inquiries, our dedicated team is here to support your agency's operations 24/7.

With our phone message delivery service, you can customize exactly how and when you would like your messages delivered to you, whether that’s by voicemail, text message, email, or another option. Perhaps you want your messages delivered to you hourly, or maybe you want only one daily update at the end of the day. Whatever your preference, we provide that customization for you.

How Our Insurance Answering Service Benefits Your Agency

The call volume for an insurance agency can fluctuate greatly. If you specialize in health insurance, the bulk of your calls come in during open enrollment periods, policy renewals, or when there are changes in healthcare regulations. If you sell auto insurance, your agency is less affected by seasonal patterns, and most of your calls are related to policy renewals, accidents, or changes in household size. For policies related to homeownership, the calls may come in at any time but may increase if your area is affected by natural disasters or unusual weather events such as winter storms. As an answering service, we are ready to answer calls of any nature, any time of day or night. 

Whether you are a solo agent or manage a busy office, whether you receive a few calls a day or a few hundred, count on Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service to represent your agency with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We will treat each caller with the courtesy and attentiveness they deserve, route the call according to your preferences, or take a message to be relayed to the appropriate person on your team. 

The Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service Difference For Insurance Agencies

We have 24/7 answering capabilities provided by a live receptionist trained in handling calls related to insurance. Here are just some of the benefits of our live answering service for agencies like yours:

  • No missed calls: You'll never miss a call with our 24/7 live receptionist service. Research shows that businesses can lose up to 85% of potential customers if their calls are not answered promptly or if they're greeted by an automated system. With our answering service in your corner, every call you receive is answered promptly, day or night, by attentive and well-trained phone operators.
  • You can customize exactly how and when you would like your messages delivered to you. You have the option of voicemail, text message, email, and more. Whether you prefer your messages delivered to you instantaneously, every few hours, or once per day, we can accommodate your wishes. 
  • Fast response to every phone call: With our live receptionist service, your callers and potential clients won't experience the frustration of long hold times or the need to call back repeatedly. Instead, a live receptionist answers every call within a few rings. This dedication means satisfied clients, new customers, and ultimately increased revenue for your insurance agency.
  • Our operators are US-based: Unlike offshore answering services, Pittsburgh Telephone Answering Service is based locally. Our US-based answering agents are deeply familiar with the local culture, etiquette, and preferences, ensuring a personalized experience for your clients. With decades of experience answering calls for Pittsburgh insurance agencies of all sizes, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer service. 
  • Our operators are bilingual: A bilingual answering service is an indispensable asset for insurance agencies. As your customer base grows to include individuals who may not be fluent in English, our trained live agents can answer their calls in Spanish as well as English. 
  • Your return on investment: with plans starting at just $29/month, the return on your investment in our answering service will be substantial. For much less than it would cost to hire a full-time receptionist, you will ensure 24/7/365 coverage and continuity. 

Ensure uninterrupted service for your insurance agency. Whether you're navigating peak seasons, addressing policy inquiries, or managing unexpected events, our professional answering service is here to support you and your customers. Let us handle your inbound calls, so that every client receives prompt and personalized assistance. With our advanced telephone answering technology and expertise, you can focus on growing your agency and delivering exceptional service. Partner with us today and take your insurance agency to new heights in customer service!